How to get free Domain name for small business

Yahoo the best way to get a free domain for build small business. you’ll can build small business with .com, .net, .in etc domain name. Now you can do your offline business online, not only business you can build your own Blog for sharing your knowledge.

Yahoo Small Business helps your small business get started quickly and easily. Business Maker guides you through each step with the advice, tools, and resources you need to start and grow your business.

Only 4 Steps:

  • Fill your Business information
  • Sign up
  • Login PayPal Account
  • Search Your Domain

Step 1: (Business Information)

  • Visit Yahoo official website:
free domain registration
  • Start for free
  • Continue

Step 2: (Sign up)

Very important thing your selected domain only free for one year but after one year you have to pay $120 Otherwise you have to transfer your domain another platform.

free domain sign up
  • Continue
Free domain
  • Paypal at checkout –> Continue
.com free domain

Total Amount: $0.00

.in free domain
  • Click agree: Terms and condition –> Submit payment

Step 3: (Login PayPal Account)

total free
  • If you have Paypal Account Sign In/ Create an Account
  • Log in
free domain
  • Agree and Continue
yahoo free domain
  • Go to Dashboard
verify you main for free domain
  • Verify your Email
login for free domain
almost done for free domain
  • Continue –> Next-> Next
free .in domain
  • Get Started

Step 4: (Search Your Domain)

select your free domain
  • Now Search you domain
select your .net free domain
  • Get it Now (You selected free domain look like this if that available)
fill your free domain billing address
  • Fill up your Register domain billing address –> Submit
free domain for one year

  • Go Back to dashboard –> Click Online
completed free domain
  • Click Domains

If your are facing any problems to register your selected free domain please commend below

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