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What is Heading tag in HTML ?

The Heading tag in HTML is used to define as a title or subtitle which you want to see on the webpage. There have six levels of headings defined by HTML. The 6 heading elements are H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6.
The Heading tag in HTML That displayed on the browser in the bold format and size of the text depends on the number of heading. H1 Showing the highest level and H6 the least.
Explain all the heading tags in HTML with example:

Heading tag in HTML
Heading tag in HTML

What is HTML meta tag ?

The HTML Meta tag is used to represent the metadata about the HTML document. It specifies page description, keywords, copyright, language, author of the documents, etc but The metadata does not display on the webpage, it is used by your browsers and other web services which scan the your site or webpage. what to know about your website or webpage.

What is HTML meta tag

What is HTML ?

HTML is The Hyper Text Markup Language. the code that is used to structure of your content which you want to be displayed in a web browser. It can be assisted by technologies such as Cascading Style Sheets and scripting languages such as JavaScript.

Types of HTML tags :

HTML have different type of tags, likes keywords which defines that how web browser will format and display the content. The help of HTML tag a web browser can distinguish between an HTML content and a simple content. The HTML have two types of tag one is open tag and some HTML tags are unclosed. For more Please Visit Part One..

HTML tag
HTML tags
htmla tag

1. <b> — </b> : To Bold the text :

Bold tags
Bold tags

2. <strong> — </strong> : To Bold your text but to identify the text is important

Strong tag
Strong tag

3. <p> — </p> : To Create a paragraph

paragraph tag
paragraph tag

4. <i> — </i> : To give italic Style

Italic tag

5. <u> — </u> : To Underline the text

6. <mark> — </mark> : To highlight text

Mark tag
mark tag

7. <del> — </del> : To strike-through some text

del tag
del tag

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